See how much you can save with a Wee Glasgow Loan

A typical example: A loan of £400 payable over 1 month will cost:

Costs £96 with typical payday loan lenders

Costs just £8 with Wee Glasgow Loan

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You can repay your loan over 1 to 12 months. You control how much you borrow and over how many months. Start benefiting today. Wee Glasgow Loan.

Operated by Pollok Credit Union and BCD Credit Union

Wee Glasgow Loans are available through a partnership between Pollok Credit Union (PCU) and BCD Credit Union (BCD) exclusively for people who live or work in Glasgow.

As not-for-profit financial service providers, our credit unions offer members significantly lower interest rates than are available from other short-term loan providers. A Wee Glasgow Loan can help see you through until your next payday and won't weigh you down with sky high interest rates.